Toy Australian Shepherd: A Sweet Dog That You Will Love!

The Toy Australian Shepherd puppy is an ideal choice for a pet.

Have you ever heard about Toy Australian Shepherd puppy? The number of people that think that it makes no difference what kind of dog you will end up taking is starkly large. The fact of the matter is on the contrary. Different kinds and breeds of dogs have different attributes that can go way beyond just the way they look. That being said, we have a phenomenal recommendation for a dog breed that you can adopt. We’re talking about the cute Toy Australian Shepherd.

The Toy Australian Shepherd puppy is an excellent choice for a pet, and by reading this article, you will find out more interesting and informative stuff about this breed. So, here we go!

Look of the Toy Australian Shepherd

The look of the dog is the exact same like that of the original Australian Shepherd. The sole difference between the two is in size. Namely, the Toy Australian Shepherd is a lot smaller than the Australian Shepherd. If you want to adopt a cute dog, then look no further than the Toy Australian Shepherd.

They are small, cute dogs with beautiful eyes. Of course, the looks of the dog can vary, and it depends on the genetics that it will inherit from the parents. The fur of the dog isn’t long, but it can be slightly curly. The dog has a pair of very cute, slightly floppy ears. The built of its body is proportional – it doesn’t have an elongated torso like some other breeds. It can come in different colours ranging from black to white to brown and greyish.

History of the Toy Australian Shepherd

The history of the Toy Australian Shepherd is closely related to that of the Australian Shepherd. This breed was originally developed in the Basque region of Spain, in Western Europe. Though there is a small portion of the development of this dog that happened in Australia – it was mostly developed in the USA. It was developed as a shepherd, work dog.

Back in the 1960s, it became popular all around the world for people to own toy dogs. Dog breeders have united their efforts in order to create the Toy Australian Shepherd breed. They have used no less than 11 different breeds of dogs in order to get the final product. And nowadays the Toy Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs – adopted by many people all around the world.

Temperament of the dog

This is a very lively breed that loves to have fun and run around. As you remember, it was originally developed as a shepherd dog. This means that it has natural instincts to tend to cattle and to do plain old-fashioned work. But make no mistake about it – this doesn’t make the Toy Australian Shepherd dog standoffish and very independent. On the contrary – it thrives in an atmosphere of love and affection. So, if you happen to travel a lot and leave your home often – then this dog is not the right choice for you.

If, however, you wish to play with this dog and give it your love and affection, then the two of you will thrive. The perfect environment for this dog is one where he or she will have access to the house and the backyard. It will thrive under such conditions. This is a highly energetic, highly intelligent breed of dogs. It means that you may feel like you have your work cut out for you in keeping the dog stimulated. You will have to take it on daily walks and give it ample opportunities for exercise.

Building Engagement Through Play

Also, you will need to play many games with this dog as it needs to sharpen its wits every so often. You can play fetch with it or make it go through an obstacle course. These things will keep the dog happy and engaged. Make sure that you train the dog correctly so that you evade the possibility of it developing the small dog syndrome. Even though it’s a toy dog, it still needs to feel like a pack leader due to its ancestry and genetics. So, if you can give it opportunities to do this, then it will grow to be a properly socialised dog. Be mindful of the “shepherd’ mentality of the dog. It may be wary of strangers and other dogs. A positive note is that the dog isn’t very loud – unlike many other dogs of the shepherd breeds.


The Toy Australian Shepherd isn’t known to be a breed of dog with many health problems. But this doesn’t mean that it has foolproof health. In either case, you need to make sure to check the history of the dog’s parents. Check if they have had any particular illnesses during the course of their lives. The fact is that many of the diseases that dogs tend to have are, in significant part, genetic. So, knowing the history of the health of the parents is a good start in learning more about the potential health problems that your dog may have in the future.

Problems with the hearing and the sight are not very uncommon in this breed. Depending on the particular genes that the dog inherits, it may grow to have issues with these senses. Also, it may have a variation of a gene that will cause death upon the consumption of certain medication. These medications would, in other cases, be perfectly fine for consumption by many different breeds of dogs.

In conclusion

So, there you have it. By now you should have learned the basics of what makes the Toy Australian Shepherd so great an option for adoption. If you like to own a friendly little dog that will love to do exercise and cuddle, then this is the perfect choice for you. What do you think? Can you personally imagine owning this kind of dog? We’re confident that it will serve to enrich the atmosphere in your home dramatically. And we’re also sure that you will end up loving this cute little dog.


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