This puppy is a real master thief

If your puppy is not being contemptuous, or trying to take over your relatives, why is he stealing your things?

Stealing is a very typical problem, and various pups have different approaches. Most of them, though, are very sneaky, and will very precisely move your knickers off the radiator when your back is turned.

Others are quite shameless and prefer a smash and capture style. Usually, they only “do their job” when you are not at home.

Many puppies just prefer to jump around with your stuff in their mouths, offering it up, tail wagging furiously, almost giving it to you, then ducking away at the last minute. It’s interesting that that some of them make straight for their bed or dive under the sofa where they will attempt to beat the world record for destroying a TV remote.

So a puppy that is stealing objects, is actually naturally acquiring stuff he wants. He is not making any kind of appraisal or perception as to whom they belong. If they want something, the majority of puppies and youthful dogs will try and pick it up. This is natural behaviour.

Despite the fact that they are considered as “man’s best friend”, those little burglars love to pick up things that smell interesting or appealing, just to find out what they taste like or feel like. Like babies, puppies explore the world with their mouths. As a result of what happens after they take something that doesn’t belong to them, some dogs then get into the habit of constantly picking things up, and moving off with them.

Some of them are opportunists, and it is essential for your communication with your dog that you stay friends and pick your battles carefully. Remember, even if we call it stealing, it isn’t really stealing because those creatures don’t know our rules of possession.

Here’s something, which you should remember: Don’t run after pups with stolen goods in their mouths as this encourages them to “repeat the crime”. If you can eliminate some chances for your pet to loot using baby gates, life will be more enjoyable for you both.


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