The Loyalty of the Pitbull Lab Mix Puppy

If you’re after a loyal and friendly dog that you can be with at all times, then the Pitbull Lab Mix will be a great option for you.

As you may have already known, the Pitbull Lab Mix is an increasingly popular mixed-breed dog. There are many different kinds of dog breeds and as a potential future owner of one such breed of dog – you need to invest some time and effort in finding the right choice for your needs and preferences. Namely, different breeds of dogs have different temperaments. Some are friendly and forthcoming, and some are more reserved. Some are very intelligent and they demand constant stimulation in order to thrive – and some can go crazy if you overstimulate them. Today we will share some information with you about one popular mix of dog breeds – the Pitbull Lab Mix.

The history of Pitbull Lab Mix

As the name tells us – the Pitbull Lab Mix is made from the mixing of a Pitbull Terrier and a Labrador Retriever. The dog that will be born to these parents will bear their traits and it will combine them with its unique look and personality. Chances are that by now you have seen some dogs of the Pitbull and of the Labrador breeds – they are some of the most popular dog types that people own. The Labrador Retriever is known as a very friendly dog. Even though it was originally bred to be used for hunting – nowadays it epitomizes the phrase “family dog”. It’s very playful and it enjoys the attention that it gets from people. The Pitbull, on the other hand, has had some issues with its reputation in the past. This is due to the fact that dogs of this breed are frequently used for dog fighting. They have a reputation that once they bite – they will never unclench their teeth from the thing that they’ve bitten until they tear it off or until they die. Also, the Pitbull is a very strong dog with powerful jaws that may do serious damage if the dog decides to bite someone. While it may be true that the Pitbull can grow up to be a dangerous, hostile dog – it’s also true that genetics and upbringing play a powerful role in the development of the temperament of the dog. This means that if you raise your dog to be social and if you frequently introduce it to new, friendly people – the Pitbull can grow up to be a very friendly, very loyal dog.

They are very intelligent animals

If raised right, both the Pitbull and the Labrador are very intelligent animals. They thrive when they are stimulated to learn new things and when they are given the freedom to move around. They both love to socialize with people and with other dogs. There is a flip side to this though – if you’re not prepared to give your Pitbull Lab Mix dog the attention that it craves and the daily exercise that it needs – it may begin to cause some problems. Dogs that are left on their own for prolonged periods of time, without any chance to do some exercise and socialize – can get pretty destructive. They may start to bark aggressively and tear the furniture in your home. Always make sure that you give these dogs ample opportunities to socialize, exercise, and learn new things. If you don’t think that you will have enough time to pay attention to your dog – then the Pitbull Lab Mix breed is simply not for you.

Praise your Pitbull Lab Mix puppy

Since they are very intelligent, dogs of this breed respond very well to positive reinforcement training. This means that you will do well to praise the dog with treats and cuddling every time it does something that you want it to do. Negative reinforcement, or teaching the dog by punishing it, is known to cause adverse effects in most cases though. Make sure that most of your teaching methods are using positive reinforcement as a backup. But again, it won’t be challenging to teach the dogs of this breed because they are eager to learn new things and they are very intelligent.

These dogs are subject to the genetic lottery

You may never know how the dog of this breed will look until it grows up and matures. This is because it is a subject to the genetic lottery – meaning it will inherit different sets of genes from each parent, every time. There are, however, some common traits of the two parents – both are medium sized dogs, athletic dogs – so their offspring will share these traits as well. Labs are a bit taller than their Pitbull counterparts, and they are slimmer, with elongated faces. The Pitbull is shorter but also a lot more muscular, with a wide chest and a broad, flat head. The “labrabulls”, as they are called, can weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 lbs. Their coat is silky and short and it can come in various colors depending on the particular genetic makeup that the dog will inherit. The color of the coat can be brown, black and white, brindle, or tan. The color of the coat of the Pitbull Lab Mix is to be expected to change as the dog gets older. It may lose some of its shine and color.

Low grooming needs of the Pitbull Lab Mix

The dog of this breed has pretty short hair – meaning you could allow yourself to relax and not take things too seriously with the hygiene of the dogs. You should bathe it and clean it every once in a while, though. Also, you may need to pay particular attention to your dog during the shedding season – you may have to groom it several times per week during this period.

Temperament and health of the Pitbull Lab Mix

The parents of this breed are very healthy dogs. But they are still known to have some health problems at times. You need to do a screening of the parents of the dog and make sure that they have no issues with skin, eye, or bone and joint diseases. Most of these diseases are inheritable, so it means that you shouldn’t adopt a dog that’s given by a breeder that can’t guarantee with a certificate for the health of the dog’s parents. In fact, the best option would be for you to personally meet both of the dog’s parents to see whether they have any issues with their temperament and health. The dogs of this breed live to be about 12.5 years old – just like each of their parents.

In conclusion

So, if you’re a person that likes to adopt a friendly, high-energy dog that requires constant stimulation – then the Pitbull Lab Mix will be an excellent option for you. If you can be around the dog most of the time and if you wish to play with it as often as possible – then again, this dog is a right choice for you. Due to the potentially hostile nature of the Pitbull, make sure that you don’t allow this dog to be around children on its own, however. Make sure that the children are always friendly with it to teach the dog that it too needs to be familiar with people. Also, the constant demand of attention and stimulation of the dog may mean that you will have to spend some extra time with it – if you’re a busy person that has other things to do in life, then you may want to get another kind of dog. But if you’re after a loyal dog that you can be with at all times and that the two of you could have fun together – then make sure that you get the Pitbull Lab Mix.


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