Teddy Bear Puppies - All You Need to Know About Them

The teddy bear puppies are all fantastic breeds of dogs and if you enjoy cuddling and playing around with your dog, then this puppy will make your life beautiful.

Why do people like teddy bear puppies? Most dog owners would tell you that they have preferences for certain dog breeds. And this goes without saying. There are different dogs and all of them differ in some way from one another. Depending on your personal temperament and needs, you’ll find that you like various breeds of dogs. And you will find that there are some other breeds that you don’t like so much. That being said, there are few people that could say that they don’t like the teddy bear puppies.

By reading this article you will find out some more information about the teddy bear puppies. You’ll find out more about their behavior and temperament. And by the end of this article, hopefully, you will be able to decide whether this dog is the right choice for you.

Energy levels and exercise

The first thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to these dogs is the fact that they have limitless energy. Well, this is not entirely the case – they can still get tired eventually. But for practical purposes – you need to have it in your mind that they can run around to infinity.

There are people that won’t like this highly energetic breed of dogs, to be fair. Not everyone can put up with the teddy bear puppies’ proclivities towards excessive exercise. But if you’re a person that likes to workout and take frequent walks outside – then you will find the teddy bear puppies great companions. They will require to go out and run around multiple times per day, every day. If you don’t think that this is something that you could indulge them in – then get another dog.

You won’t have to do this for the first few months, though. You will find out that the teddy bear puppies get tired very easily and that they sleep for a long time. This is just the initial growth phase. After it ends – the teddy bear puppies will reach the peak of their high energies and they will constantly want to do exercise. Be sure to take them out a few times every day and to let them run around as much as they please. This will make your dog very happy.

Companionship and need for attention

The teddy bear puppies are some of the neediest breeds of dogs that you can find. There’s a good side and a bad side to this. They will crave attention – a lot of it. You will have to play with them and cuddle them for a large portion of the day. Sure, you may find this endearing. Who wouldn’t want a small puppy begging for attention?

You will do it once. You will show the dog some love by cuddling it and petting it and playing around with it. Then, you’ll do it twice. For sure, you will do it three times. But after the billionth time when the dog demands attention and you give it to it – you may get bored. This is the potential bad side of the equation. They have an incessant need for love and affection. You will see that they will try and try to win your affection in many different ways.

All of this means that the teddy bear puppies are some of the most loyal, most loving dogs in existence. They are very friendly to people and other animals. And as mentioned before – they enjoy getting love and affection. If you’re a person that doesn’t stay at home for long periods of time, then you should get another, more independent breed of dogs. But if you enjoy cuddling and playing around with your dog then this puppy will make your life beautiful.

Things to look out for

One of the first things that you’ll want to buy for your dog is a retractable leash. This will be a very smart investment. The reason for this is simple. The teddy bear puppies are a breed of dogs that love to run around until their legs can carry them no more. So, you will see them sprinting at high speeds every time the two of you go outside.

Now, this is a very loyal dog and companion, so there are small chances of the dog running away from you. No matter how far they run they will eventually turn back towards you. But there’s the danger of the dog being hit by a car. There’s also the danger of the small puppy running to a belligerent dog and getting injured or worse in a scuffle.

And this is why you’ll want to invest in a proper retractable leash. This will give the puppy a chance to run around but it will also enable you to retract the leash whenever you feel like. It will be the safest option for the dog while still allowing it a high degree of freedom of movement. And you can find relatively cheap retractable leashes that are of high quality.

The built of the teddy bear puppies

As the name suggests, the teddy bear puppies are very cute, small dogs. So, you may be inclined to be very careful around them. After all, there are many horror stories of people sitting down over toy dogs and severely injuring them in process. Well, of course, you wouldn’t want such a thing to happen to your dog. Be sure to be on the lookout for these scenarios potentially happening. Be careful when sitting down or when walking or running around your dog.

However, this is not to say that the teddy bear puppies have weak bodies. On the contrary. Even though it may not seem like it – the teddy bear puppies are pretty strong. This goes especially when you consider their small stature and built. So, they are anything but toys, in this sense. Their bodies are strong enough to take some punishment. There are many cases when people were afraid that their teddy bear puppies have been deathly injured when it wasn’t the case at all. Their dogs were alive and well.

This does not mean that you have a permission to act like a lunatic around your dog. Give it some space and be gentle with it. But don’t overthink the notion that you may injure it easily – its body is very strong.

Training the dog

You may think that it will be an easy thing to do to train the teddy bear puppies. Well, this is not necessarily the case. Namely, you may have some difficulties in training this dog. It can be rather willful at times. But the fact that it’s a loyal companion and a loving dog will make things a bit easier. The dog will do its best to please its owner so it won’t be that difficult for you to train it properly.

However, it may take a few months before you teach the dog to answer the call of nature inappropriate places. Potty training may come a bit slow. Even though you may reach a level when your dog will start to ingrain the proper habits, there will still be relapses. Your dog will urinate and defecate in inappropriate places – including your bed.

The important thing to do here is not to give up. Even though it can be hard for your dog to ingrain the message of the training – it’s inevitable for them to learn. It may take multiple months of hard training but you will eventually get the job done. And this goes for whatever it is that you wish to train the dog in.

Teddy Bear Puppies breeds

You may think that the teddy bear puppies are a single breed of dogs, but this is not the case. There are multiple breeds of these dogs. You will find that they are products of different dog mixes. The best-known teddy bear puppies breeds are Bichon Frises, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. But there are also many other breeds as well.

You may ask why they are all called teddy bear puppies. Well, this is because of the way they look – they look just like a teddy bear. They have button eyes and nose and a fluffy fur. When it comes to the way they will end up looking and behaving, you need to take a good look at their parents. They will give you clues and insights as to what your dog will look like and how it will behave. This is because these traits are highly inheritable. You will never know what your dog will inherit from its parents until it grows up. But proper training and socializing will make sure that the dog will grow up to be a healthy and properly socialized dog.

Health Concerns

When it comes to health concerns, the same thing holds true. In many cases, the teddy bear puppies inherit the health of their parents. You’ll want to look into the history of the parents of the teddy bear puppies and see how healthy they are or were. You will then be able to form an educated guess as to the health of your puppy. So, there is no single concern when it comes to the health of the teddy bear puppies. This is because of the fact that there are different breeds of them.

Even though they have many similarities, all of them are unique in some way or another. Some teddy bear puppies have problems with their eyes. Others have a risk of developing high blood sugar. There are some breeds that have fragile bones. Depending on your particular breed, you will have to do different things in order to maintain the health of your dog.

Temperament of the teddy bear puppies

As we have mentioned before, this dog is one of the most loyal, most caring dogs in existence. If you have a premonition that it will be a yippy, hyper-energetic dog, then you’ll be surprised that it can be rather calm. The original purpose of the teddy bear puppies breeds was to be therapy dogs for disabled kids. So, they are very loving and caring dogs.

You may be concerned that this is a one-person-dog. You may think that it will develop a strong bond with you and with nobody else. But this is not the case. Teddy bear puppies are the perfect family dogs. They will form a loving bond not only with you but with all of the other members of your family as well. Everyone will be able to love and be loved by this dog.

Finally, you may be concerned that the teddy bear puppies will be loud. Small dogs have this reputation where they are thought of yapping and barking dogs. To be fair, there is a risk of the development of the notorious small-dog syndrome. But if you socialize your dog properly, it will grow up to be perfectly healthy in this sense. So, long story short, teddy bear puppies are no way near as loud as you may think that they are. However, they may start to bark if they feel that you’re in danger. They can also begin to bark if they see strangers around.

Buying a teddy bear dog

Make sure that you will purchase the teddy bear puppies only from licensed, reliable breeders. You may find it a temptation to purchase a dog from a non-reliable breeder for a smaller price. But this will be a mistake as you wouldn’t be sure that your dog is, in fact, a teddy bear dog or some other mix.

That being said, genuine teddy bear puppies can be rather expensive. Their price can range from $500 all the way to $2,000. Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of adopting this dog before you decide to make this investment.

In conclusion

The teddy bear puppies are all fantastic breeds of dogs. We’re positively certain that you will come to love them. They are very easy-going and very loving dogs. Every day you spend with them will be full of happiness and love. So, why don’t you head on out to your local breeder and buy one, right now?


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