8 Reasons a Pomsky Might Be the Right Dog Breed for You

The Pomsky puppies, also known as a Pomeranian Husky, are so beloved and popular breed of dogs.

The Pomsky puppy looks like an angel, especially when it’s young.

There are many different reasons as to why Pomsky puppies are so beloved and popular. All you need to do if you wish to know why this is the case is to do a quick Google images search for dogs of the Pomsky breed. These dogs look beautiful and they inherit the best traits of the Husky and of the Pomeranian.

The Pomsky puppy is also known as a Pomeranian Husky and it looks like an angel – especially when it’s young. However, there are still certain things that you need to be aware of before deciding on whether to purchase a dog of this breed. Is this dog the right choice for you and your family? Read below and find out.

1. The Pomeranian Husky is a relatively new breed of dogs

The beauty of the Pomsky may look like something surreal – but dog breeders have managed to breed a fantastic dog by combining the genes of a Pomeranian with a Siberian Husky. The puppies of this kind are very hard to come by and they are very expensive as well – so it’s considered to be somewhat of a status symbol to own a dog of this breed.

The mixed breeds in general are known for the many disadvantages that they have. And the Pomeranian Husky is at the top of the list of controversies when it comes to this subject. This is not to say that it’s a bad dog per se – but that there are certain potential disadvantages that you need to be aware of before making the choice on whether to adopt one.

There are some people that believe that people have no business in mixing different breeds of dogs. They are raising the issues that these dogs have certain health problem – and moreover, they raise the question of ethics when it comes to creating dogs of mixed breeds. If there is one thing that these people are afraid of – it’s the fact that the Pomskies are getting increasingly popular and there’s a chance to overpopulate these interesting animals before we’re able to understand just how risky it really is to breed this kind of dog.

The Pomskies are created by artificial insemination. The parents are a Pomeranian father and a Husky mother. The mother is always a Husky because it would be dangerous for a Pomeranian mother to give birth to such big dogs. The result of this process is a gorgeous looking dog that can be a wonderful companion and a great family dog.
There is not nearly enough data and information on whether the breeding of this dog bears health risks and problems in behavior for the dogs. It’s really hard to tell what’s the right answer on this subject.

Even though there is a lot of controversy with the Pomskies – they are still registered in the Dog Registry of America (DRA). There are also a few official organizations that deal with the promotion of this mixed breed of dogs – these organizations are the Pomsky club of America (PCA) and the International Pomsky Association (IPA). This means that you now have the chance to by a certified puppy of this breed – you will also be able to look into the history of the dog’s parents.

2. The temperament of the Pomeranian Husky is unpredictable

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that the Pomskies – as every other mixed breed of dogs – can inherit the temperament of both of their parents. This is a very unpredictable process when it comes to the Pomskies. This unpredictability in the inheritance of the temperament may cause some behavioral issues in the dog. There are known cases where Pomskies develop the notorious Small Dog Syndrome – the best way in which you can avoid this is by properly training your dog.

So, your particular Pomeranian Husky may be leaning a bit to the side of stubbornness. It may refuse to follow commands. Also, even though this dog is not bred for the purposes of being a watchdog or a guard dog – it still has this propensity. It may be overly protective to your family. You may think that this is a good thing – but it can still cause the problem of the dog barking at anyone that tries to get near you.

If you want your dog to grow up to be well-behaved, then you need to train it properly and consistently. However, the catch here is that both the Husky and the Pomeranian are dogs that are very hard to train. So, it would be really smart for you to start training your Pomeranian Husky as early as possible – when it’s a young puppy. The Husky breed is known for its independence and independent spirit – and this is a notoriously hard-to-train dog. So, if the Pomsky that you own has inherited this trait of independence from the Husky mother – you may end up needing professional help in order to train your dog properly and effectively.

However, bear in mind that we mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs that what the dog inherits in terms of temperament is very unpredictable. So, it may happen that you have a dog that’s very easy to train and that shows no aggressiveness and hostility towards other dogs and people. However, since temperament is in large part genetic – you may not know what your dog will grow up to be like if you adopt it is as a young puppy.

The unpredictability of temperament doesn’t always serve the dog well. This is a main reason why there are certain breeders that don’t recommend this dog to be adopted by families that have small children. The main problem here is the Pomeranian father – these dogs tend to show a lot of jealousy. They may get jealous to your children getting all the attention and cause problems. This may seem like a trivial, fun quirk – but it can be the cause of severe problems down the line.

The Pomskies can get shy, aggressive, or stressed if you treat them roughly. Children are especially prone to giving this treatment to the dogs – so there is a big chance that your children and your dog won’t get along very well. If you ask the Pomeranian Husky breeders – most of them would tell you that they won’t breed the dogs if their parents have behavioral issues. However – be sure to always take these statements in with a grain of salt.

3. The Pomskies can vary in size

The size of the Pomeranian Husky is one of the most important things that create its high popularity. If you do a quick Google search or if you watch YouTube videos on this subject – in most cases you will be treated to the smallest, cutest versions of the Pomeranian Husky. However, you need to be aware that the size of this dog can vary. Some dogs grow up to be 15 inches in height and they can weigh up to 30 lbs.

They are exceptionally cute and small while they are young – but they tend to grow up like regular dogs. So, if your main reason to get a Pomeranian Husky is that it’s so cute to look at – be mindful that your dog may very well outgrow its cuteness with time. If you want a permanently cute dog then you should look for another breed.

The breeders of the Pomeranian Huskies would tell you that you can expect the puppies to not outgrow the 10 lbs. mark in weight – but the fact of the matter is that there are no guarantees on how big the dog can eventually become.

If you want to trick this process and if you wish to get only a small, cute dog of this breed – then maybe you should look into adopting a grown up Pomeranian Husky dog instead of a puppy. If you do this you will have the benefit of knowing the grown-up parameters of the dog in terms of size and weight and you won’t have to worry at all about the dog becoming bigger than you wish.

4. The Pomskies crave fun and excitement

The Pomskies are very active dogs. This means that you will have to allocate a big portion of your time to enabling the dog to play and exercise. If you want a playful dog – then the Pomsky is a great option for you as it will demand attention every day. You will have to walk it and play with it on a daily basis.

However, it’s not all about physical activity. The Pomsky puppies are also very intelligent dogs – in order to entertain them properly and keep them stimulated you will have to create fun and exciting games where your dog will have to think in order to play them. Keeping the dog engaged and busy is very important – if you don’t do this, then the dog may develop certain behavioral problems. It may start to chew on things it’s not supposed to chew and it may start to bark excessively as well.

It’s almost never a good thing to leave your Pomeranian Husky alone for too long. The dog loves to dig around and it may eventually find a way to escape if it gets bored. So, you should consider hiring a pet walker for walking your dog.

5. The Pomeranian Huskies are very expensive dogs

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph – the Pomsky dog breed is a very expensive type of pet. The price for this dog starts out at around $1,000 and for dogs with great pedigrees it can climb all the way to $5,000. You need to be aware that this is not the full cost of the dog, though.

The American Kennel Club shared that it takes around $2,900 to take care of this dog for the first year – while for the consecutive years you would have to pay around $2,000 in any given year.

These dogs don’t have a lot of inherent health issues. The issues that they tend to have are eye disorders, skin problems, and various allergies. You have to be aware though that this breed is relatively new and that not much is known about its potential health issues. So, you need to be prepared for the worst as your dog may end up developing some serious health issues down the line.

It may be a smart thing to do to invest in health insurance for your dog. It can take several hundred dollars per year – but given the fact that the medical bills may reach astronomical proportions down the line – this could be a smart investment.

6. It’s a time-consuming job to groom this dog

The Pomskies have beautiful coats which they mainly inherit from the Husky mother in terms of color. This means that you need to brush it very consistently (3 to 5 times per week) from an early age. Since this dog is very beautiful – you may want to consider hiring professional grooming help for your dog from time to time.

The Pomeranian Huskies are shedding excessively during the whole year and the intensity of the shedding is at its peak in the warm seasons. So, during the warmer half of the year you will have to brush the dog twice per day unless you want to face the prospect of having dog hair all around your home.

If you brush the dog regularly and consistently – you will stop the shedding for the most part. But this doesn’t mean that the dog won’t shed its hair at all any longer. You will still have to clean your home every now and then and we suggest that you buy a powerful vacuum cleaning machine for this purpose.

The dog has additional grooming needs besides brushing, though. You will have to bathe the dog at least once a month. Moreover, you will need to clean the ears of the dog twice a month for the purpose of preventing ear infections. Finally, you will need to clean the teeth of the dog once every week.

7. It’s very important to find a certified breeder

If you plan on adopting a Pomsky dog, then you need to find the most responsible, reputable breeders. Since it’s a mixed breed – there aren’t any official breeding standards and guidelines. Also, it’s a new breed and the breeders don’t have a lot of experience with it. But if you truly wish to get a healthy puppy, then you should find a breeder that has the dog’s health as a main goal, rather than profits.

You should not buy a dog of this breed from a pet store – don’t let the low price fool you. You will pay a lot more later on additional training and medical expenses.

If you want to be perfectly certain – then we advise you to contact the official organizations for this breed – IPA or PCA. You can ask the officials about the registered breeders in the place where you live. This is a slow process and you may end up waiting for a year before getting your puppy, but in the end, you will be certain that it’s a genuine Pomeranian Husky puppy and that its parents are healthy and well-behaved.

8. Should you adopt a Pomsky?

By now you should already have an idea about what it means to adopt a puppy of this breed. You should now think about whether this dog is the right choice for you.

The Pomskies can be unpredictable in terms of their temperament, they may grow to be medium-sized dogs, they shed excessively, you can’t really be sure about the future health of the dog, and it’s a very pricy dog. If you happen to have small kids, or if you work a lot and can’t really afford to hire a pet walker, or if you live in a small place with no backyard where the dog can expend energy – then you may want to think of getting another breed of dog.

There are certain great alternatives to this dog: the Alaskan Klee Kai, the Finnish Lapphund, the German Spitz, and the Keeshond. We recommend that you do a bit of research on these breeds of dogs in order to learn more about them and see whether they are a better choice for you.

In conclusion

In conclusion we would say that the Pomskies can offer a mixed bag of blessings. Since most owners of this dog are very pleased and happy with their dogs – it means that you too may be a happy owner of one such dog. However, there are owners of this breed that have issues with the behavior of their dogs. And you can’t really tell how your dog will grow up to be if you adopt it as a puppy due to the unpredictability of the temperament that it inherits from its Husky mother and Pomeranian father. It’s up to you to decide whether to buy this breed of dog or look for another kind.


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