Pitsky is More Than Just an Ordinary Dog

  A beautiful Pitsky puppy (Image via  AmericanBullyDaily)

A beautiful Pitsky puppy (Image via AmericanBullyDaily)

Mixed-breed dogs are getting increasingly popular. Despite the fact that there are a number of opponents of the breeding of these kinds of dogs – there are still many people that would like to adopt these kinds of dogs. Today you will be reading about one such breed of dogs – the Pitsky.

As the name “Pitsky” suggests, the dog of this kind comes from a Pitbull Terrier and a Siberian Husky. This is a very handsome dog that takes some of the traits of both of the parents. The gist of it is that these dogs are great companions if you wish to go hiking. They are also highly energetic, and they require constant stimulation and exercise in order to flourish.

The look of a Pitsky

The dogs of this breed are muscular and handsome, as we’ve mentioned in the introduction. One of the most endearing aspects of this dog is that it’s pretty unique when it comes to its looks. In fact, different dogs of the same breed can look very different from one another. Since they inherit the traits of their Pitbull and Husky parents, they are the perfect choice for those of you that like dogs of the breed of either of the parents. These animals are known for the variability in which their color comes. They can have both long or short hair. Even their ears can come in different shapes and sizes – they may be either floppy or stand up ears. Sometimes they may also inherit the blue eyes that the Huskies are known for.

Are the Pittskies good family dogs?

The Pittskies are indeed great family dogs. They will be very friendly to the members of the family, and they are a playful breed of dogs. Sometimes you may even find out that your Pitsky is getting overexcited while being playful and that it starts to bark or to jump on you. This is usually not a hostile reaction of the dog – it’s just that it’s getting overexcited – you don’t have to worry about it. You can decrease this excitability by properly training your dog. Be mindful though that the Pitsky is also very protective of its close ones. If it senses that you’re in danger, it won’t hesitate to defend you. It’s important that you socialize this dog properly starting from a young age so that you will minimize unwanted territorial behavior.

Should you train your Pitsky?

If you wish this dog to grow to be a friendly, family dog, then you will have to make sure to train it starting from an early age. Both of the parents of this dog are very intelligent – so the chances are that this dog will inherit this trait. This means that, in most cases, it will be easy for you to teach your dog to do something that you want – all you will need to do for this to happen is to use positive reinforcement while training it. Avoid using negative reinforcement as this dog’s parents are known to be defiant when they are treated unfairly. If you use this approach, then it may backfire on you. But still, you have to be firm and strict with this dog at times because it might have inherited the trait of independence from one of its parents. Expect to be tested by this dog – if it senses weakness in you, then it may try to take over and become the “pack leader” in your home. However, if you do manage to train this dog correctly, then you will find out that you have the most loyal companion in the world by your side.

What kind of diet does this dog thrive on?

Since this breed of dog can be incredibly active in the physical sense – it means that you should consider giving them foods that are relatively high in healthy proteins and fats. This dog is pretty large and muscular, so it would be best to feed them with formulas that are made especially for large breed dogs. This type of dog is naturally lean. However, if you’re worried that they are gaining weight – then you can prevent this process by cutting off the grains from their diet. You can also supplement their diet with Glucosamine as it will help the dog by improving the strength and health of its joints.

The temperament of the Pitskies

If there is one thing that will help the Pitsky thrive, it’s attention. If you’re not prepared to give this dog your attention in significant amounts, then you should look for another dog. The Pitskies can cause problems if you don’t tend to them regularly – they may feel some anxiety and start destroying things because of this. They are, however, very friendly with people – excepting the case if their family is under attack. They are also very loyal and are usually very friendly and careful around children. You should be mindful of the potential propensity for escaping. The husky parent is a dog that can easily find a way out if it wants to go outside – this is due to its intelligence. Make sure that your dog is happy and that you have somewhat barricaded the place where you will keep it.

Potential health problems with these kinds of dogs

This breed of dogs is not known for having many health issues – despite the fact that it’s a mixed breed. If there is one thing that you need to be aware though, it’s that this dog has an increased tendency to develop hyperthyroidism. The symptoms of this disease are shortness of breath and wheezing. But if you keep letting this dog exercise and if you feed it properly – then it will grow up to be a very healthy dog. You should also be mindful of potential joint problems, as both of the parents of this dog are known for these sorts of health issues.

The need for the exercise of the Pitskies

Since this breed of dogs is very active and energetic – you need to make sure to give this dog ample opportunities in which it can let loose and run about. So, going on daily walks with your dog will have to be something that you will be able to incorporate into your schedule. But this is only half of the story – the other half is the fact that this dog is very intelligent and it will need mental stimulation as well. Make sure that you play fun and exciting games with it and you will see that it will be happy and that it will thrive.

In conclusion

The Pitsky can be a phenomenal choice for you to make if you wish to adopt a friendly, loyal, highly energetic dog. If you think that this is something that you want – then by adopting a dog of this breed you will have another equal member of your family, full of love and respect for you. We think that adopting this dog is a wonderful investment for you to make – make sure that you give this dog ample opportunities to exercise and to play fun games, dedicate your attention to it, and you will find out that you will seldom be able to find a better companion than this dog.


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