Munchkin Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

Munchkin kittens are awesome!

If you want more interesting videos and pictures of munchkin kittens, you can check this sites:

    • Kittens Reminding You to Thank Your Mother » Curious Cat Science … – Links The Curious Cat Science and Engineering blog explores: innovation, technology, research, education, economics, gadgets, health care and scientific inquiry. Fun cat video and a reminder to thank your mother for all the times she saved you from your version of the slide. Maybe you should forward this video to your Mom with a note of thanks and make it a happy one for her too.
    • Bowl full of Kittens — You are in My World Now – Aw aren’t they adorable? I think there might be three kittens in that dog food bowl. If you look closely below the second kittens head I think that’s the ears of another kitty. I’ve never been much of a cat person, but I adore kittens.
    • ISPCA Mini Adoption Drive | From Emily To You – Sunday morning saw me in Old Town for my ol’ school Ipoh breakfast fare and so, I decided to stop by the ISPCA mini adoption drive to see how it was going. As said, it was a mini drive and only a small number of puppies and kittens were brought out from the shelter. As an advocate of adoption as opposed to buying pets, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone who is looking for a dog or cat to add on to the family, to consider giving a forever home to those in animal shelters.
    • Cat gives birth to dog | Metro News – Sheep giving birth to dog? That’s so last season… meet the CAT who’s just become the proud mother of a kitten-puppy – also in China, oddly enough. Zhou Yun, the cat’s owner, says she knew her furry friend was pregnant so she wasn’t surprised when she happened upon two kittens at the beginning of the month. On closer inspection, however, she noticed that one of the babies was dead.
    • Cats n’ boots – Odd Planet – As cute as these kittens are, sitting in their matching boots, I can’t help, but imagine that those boots are probably pretty smelly. They are cute cats! I can’t help but remember how some of my pets like things _more_ if they are smelly.


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