Corgi husky mix adoption is the right choice for your family

If you wish to own a very friendly and cute dog, then the corgi husky mix is a great choice for you and your family. Believe me, you will absolutely love this dog!

There are many different kinds of dog breeds. Depending on your personal needs and preferences – you will find that particular breeds will suit you – and that particular breeds won’t. So, it’s important for you to really think about what you wish for in a dog. Do you wish it to be playful and friendly or a bit more on the side of shyness? Do you wish a big dog or a smaller one? Do you wish a guard dog or a family dog that you can keep at home? Regardless of that, we will today talk about one of the cutest mixes in the world of dogs – the corgi husky mix.

The corgi husky mix is a very cute, adorable and playful dog.

Adorable Corgi Husky Mix Puppy

The connection between Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky

First of all, we will mention how the corgi husky mix came to be. In order to get one of these interesting animals, you must breed a genuine Welsh Corgi with a genuine Siberian Husky. You could also get a dog of relatively the same temperament and looks by breeding a Welsh Corgi with a corgi husky mix.

The size

The corgi is a breed of dogs that have medium-sized, stout bodies and they grow to about 30 pounds of weight. One of the tell-tale signs of the corgi breed is the short legs that the dog has. The alert eyes and big ears are also important traits. The husky, on the other hand, is a bigger dog. It has longer legs than its corgi counterpart and it also grows to be a lot bigger – it can reach a weight of 35-60 pounds when fully grown. It’s a work-dog, meaning that the original breed had to pull sleds in the snowy mountains – this makes it a powerful dog. There are common traits between the two breeds – they have pretty much the same expressive eyes and big ears. They also have very similar personalities.

The temperament

If you mix these two breeds, you will get a new breed of dogs that will share the temperament traits of both the breeds that are used for the mix. The corgi dog is known for its friendliness and playfulness – you will rarely find a dog of this breed that’s hostile or shy towards people. This is the main reason as to why the corgis are not considered to be a guard-dog breed. The husky, on the other hand, is known for its intelligence and alertness. It’s a breed of very high energy and Huskies need to be worked out very often if they are to thrive. It exhibits the same friendliness of the corgi, but it can also be used as a guard dog. However, you should note that the temperament of dogs is a very volatile category. This means that the dog of the corgi husky mix can end up inheriting only the traits of the corgi breed or only the traits of the husky breed, in extreme cases. In most cases, though there will be a variable degree of assimilation of both of the parents’ temperaments.

Genes are an essential factor

This breed is of a size that’s closer to the corgi breed. The dog can grow to a size of 20-50 pounds depending on what particular sets of genes it will inherit from its parents. If the genes are closer to the corgi parent, then the dog will be smaller. Conversely, if the dog inherits the genes from the husky parent, then the dog will be bigger.

The color of the dog

As for the color of the dog – this is once again a case when it can inherit the colors from both parents in various degrees. It can end up taking more of the colors of the corgi and vice-versa, of the husky. In most cases, it will have a mix of the colors of both parents.

Shedding hair

If you’re not a fan of your dog shedding hair excessively – then you won’t be a fan of this mix. The fact of the matter is that both the corgi and the husky breeds are dogs that shed excessively. This means that their offspring will shed like crazy as well. If you own a dog of this breed, then it will be important for you to brush its hair in order to prevent the buildup of excess fur. You will, in most cases, have to brush your dog at least once a week for the optimum effect.

Proneness to certain ailments

As is the case with any other breed of dogs, this breed is also prone to certain ailments. The dogs of this breed may have problems with hip dysplasia, skin irritations, and various eye conditions. If there is one common trait of the Huskies and the corgis it’s the fact that both of these breeds gain weight rather easily. The same is true of their mix, so you would want to be mindful of the diet and exercise regime of your dog if you don’t want it to become fat. Also, the constitution of the dog – the short legs in particular – may make it more prone to developing back problems. These types of problems can ruin the quality of life of these short-legged dogs – so various animal-health professionals advocate that these mixes shouldn’t exist any longer. When you combine the fact that the dogs of this breed are very prone to excess weight gain, it means that the back can be stressed out in this additional way, potentially exacerbating the back problems of the dog. So, you really need to mindful as to what kind of diet the dog has so as to not gain weight.

In conclusion

If you wish to own a very friendly and cute dog, then this breed is a great choice for you. A thing that you need to be aware of though is the temperament of the husky parent. The corgis are all peace-loving and friendly, but the husky can develop a temperament that’s a bit more on the aggressive side. So, you will want to research the temperament of the husky parent so as to ensure that the offspring will be friendly. The price of this dog ranges from a few hundred dollars to up to a thousand dollars – depending on the quality of the particular mix. We think that it’s an excellent choice either way for you to adopt this kind of dog.


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