Cockapoo: A Phenomenal Choice For a Friendly Dog

The Cockapoo is one of the most loving breeds of dogs that you can adopt.

Beautiful Cockapoo

Chances are, since you’re reading this article, that you’re well aware of the distinction of the so-called mixed breeds of dogs. A mixed breed dog or a designer dog is a dog that’s created by mixing the genes of parents from two separate breeds of dogs. The result is a dog that will share the qualities of both of its parents. Today we will share some more information with you about the Cockapoo. This is a kind of dog that you may love to have in your home.

The basics of the Cockapoo

First things first – the Cockapoo is a dog with parents of the Poodle and the Cockerel Spaniel breed. This means that they will inherit the traits from both of their parents in variable combinations. In this sense, you can never be too sure about the true temperament of the mixed-breed dog, regardless if it’s a Cockapoo or another breed. But you can make an educated guess based on the character and behavior of the parents of this dog.

The temperament of the Cockapoo

This is one of the friendliest breeds of dogs that you can find and adopt. In fact, if there is one thing that the Cockapoo is known for, then it’s the friendliness that it oozes. It’s very friendly with people and other dogs. Typically, you won’t have to deal with excessive barking or general mischievousness when it comes to the Cockapoo. This is a dog that’s not known for being overly loud. However, you may find that it starts to bark if it sees strangers. It may also show signs of this behavior if you leave it on its own for prolonged periods of time.

Pay attention to your dog

Which brings us to the next point – This dog is very friendly and, as a result of this, it demands attention. The worst thing that you could do is put this dog in a kennel outside of your home, on its own. In general, the Cockapoo has no issues with living in an apartment. This dog flourishes if you give it love and it has a constant demand for human attention. Be prepared to spend hours upon hours in cuddling this dog, every day, if you wish to keep it happy. These dogs are very friendly towards children. In general, you won’t have to worry about leaving your kids to play with this dog. However, we would still have to advise you to be careful with it and not leave your kids unsupervised while playing with this dog.

Exercise habits and playfulness

This breed of dogs has moderate energy levels. In this sense, it won’t be able to keep up for multiple hours of strenuous exercise every day. If you want to adopt such a dog – then you should look for another breed. But this dog doesn’t have low amounts of energy either. And this, in turn, means that you will have to give it some opportunities to move and exercise. Fifteen to thirty minutes a day is enough for it to feel alive and well.

And it won’t be difficult to exercise the Cockapoo because it’s a very playful dog at its core. You will see that it constantly tries to play games with you and that it jumps around happily when you’re around. Bathing your dog with attention and affection should prove more than enough when it comes to giving it opportunities to exercise.

The intelligence of the Cockapoo

Both parents of the Cockapoo are very intelligent dogs themselves. And this means that this dog will grow to be smart as well. This will mean, in turn, that you will easily be able to teach your dog various tricks. You will also be able to teach it to behave properly. But it’s very important that you start this process as soon as early as possible in the dog’s life.

The earlier you train your dog, the better the results that you will get. The fact that the dog is eager to please its owner will make things a lot easier when you want to train it. Make sure that you give the dog some mental challenges from time to time. Playing fetch and running it through an improvised obstacle course are perfect things to do with your dog in this sense.

The health of the dog

Usually, the Cockapoos are a healthy breed of dogs, even though they are a mixed breed. And the chances are that you know by now that mixed breeds of dogs carry a higher risk for a disease. But still, sadly, this doesn’t mean that your Cockapoo will be invincible. It may contract a variety of diseases while it lives. You need to pay attention to your dog potentially getting cataracts, or hip dysplasia, or liver disease. Ear infections and allergies tend to be relatively common in this breed as well.

However, if you make sure that you exercise the dog properly and if you give it attention and love, then it will surely be healthy. Also, make sure to mind the diet that you feed the dog. It will have a significant influence on how healthy it will be later on in life. On average, mixed breeds of dogs tend to live a bit longer than purebreds. The Cockapoo is expected to live twelve to fifteen years on average.

In conclusion

If you happen to live in an apartment and you want to adopt a friendly dog, then you have a winner. The Cockapoo is one of the most loving breeds of dogs that you can adopt. Its moderate energy levels will mean that it won’t jump around excitedly all the time. But this also means that your dog won’t be a bore because of low general energy.

So, the Cockapoo gets our official stamp of approval. We believe that you will end up falling in love with this dog, no matter who you are.


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